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How Often Does Your Office Need a Professional Cleaning Service? 

Every business is complex and each one has its own unique needs. Since not all office space is the same, the question of how frequent you should professionally clean your office can be challenging to point out, especially for those working environments that have some unique circumstances, which create higher needs.

Professional Cleaning Service

The appearance of your workplace will have a direct, strong effect on both your customers and your employees, and even your potential work candidates. Therefore, this matter should be give careful though in order to make sure that your business will stay productive in the long run. According to an expert, a clean workplace can totally encourage workers to be more productive and optimistic. Therefore, keeping your working environment clean at all times is an investment not only for the productivity of your employees, but for your business as a whole.

Some aspects you should take into account when it comes to how often you should clean your office includes how many workers are present in a day, as well as other wide variety of details to consider. All of these details actually add to the complexity as to how often you should hire a professional commercial cleaning service to have your office cleaned. Cleaning the entire working environment is definitely not easy and it should also be kept up with some basic cleaning tasks such as sweeping or mopping the floor every day. Setting some cleaning tasks to be a part of you or some of your employee’s daily routine will also help in ensuring that your workplace has a high level of cleanliness, promoting healthier environment, productivity and overall well-being to the entire organization.

Other basic office cleaning tasks that should be done daily include maintaining and cleaning the restrooms of your employees, if only for sanitary reasons. As a matter of fact, restrooms in your workplace can carry the most pathogens and bacteria compared to any other room in your working environment, followed by the door handles where breeding of bacteria can also be found. If you have an employee break room in your office, it can also be another candidate that needs daily maintenance. These certain areas can directly affect the health and productivity of your employees; therefore, keeping these areas clean at all times can help your employees focus on their work, allowing them to become more productive throughout the day.

Since first impressions can matter a lot, you should also keep the parking lot and entrance of your building clean. You can have these areas cleaned at least once a week or whenever necessary. Since you want to leave a good impression to your clients, customers or potential business partners, let your office achieve its cleanest possible state since you only have one shot to leave a good impression. Dirty floors can really be off putting and demoralizing; therefore, you should have them cleaned daily if possible or weekly if your budget is not a fit to a daily cleaning maintenance. Cleaning your work space daily can also help you make sure that your equipment are not being damaged by dust as well as other pollutants, making sure that your computers and other device don’t malfunction due to a dirty office. In fact, computers fail mostly due to dust and dirt being sucked up over time and accumulate in the computer’s system.

Aside from making sure that the floor and bathroom of your office is cleaned daily, you should also make sure that your files are organized and your space is free from clutter so you stay focused on your work. From simple accordion folders that can store files to large file cabinets designed to have more secure locks, there is a specific organizer tailored to accommodate just about everything you could find in the office. These organizers can be able to help you make use of your space while being aware of the fact that you need to organize them every now and then to avoid clutter and even in a very simple way, promote cleanliness to the entire workplace.

Organizing your workplace and keeping it clean is a whole lot easier when you only know how to set goals. However, you can get the most out of it should you decide to hire the professional services of a commercial cleaning company. Regardless of the type of business you have, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional commercial cleaning service on top of your daily basic cleaning tasks. If you need a reliable commercial cleaning service, that has many years of experience, visit today.



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Why You Should Keep Your Workplace Clean at All Times 

Cleaning up around your workplace is probably not something that you want to do on top of your office-related tasks. Or maybe there’s a part of you that wants to do it but you have a million top priorities on your daily to-do list. The reality is that a lot of entrepreneurs nowadays use the most practical way to keep their working environment clean and that is to hire a professional janitorial service Houston. The task of cleaning the entire office is not only daunting, but it can also create a negative impact on your employees, and business as a whole, leaving your business unproductive. It the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial service for cleaning your commercial space is still not clear to you, we have compiled a short list of its benefits and it can certainly help you in decide whether to hire one or not.

Workplace Clean at All Times

We know that you know the importance of having a clean working environment. So, let us further elaborate some of the reasons why a clean office really matters and how it can generally affect your business. 1

1. To Create First impressions

Most people base their opinions of a certain company based on what they can see. A working environment that is not presentable at first glance will never create a good impression to the customer. When customers see that your commercial environment is not clean and unorganized, they will start to question the quality of services or products that your business offers. Certainly, we have all made judgments through our perceptions and that is completely human nature. As a business owner, you do not only want to create a better first impression to the people, but of course, you also want your business to have a reputation that people can speak well off the moment they walk away. If your commercial property, workplace, or office is clean and organized, chances are people will talk about it often in a good way. If you sell a certain product, your loyal customers might as well recommend your products or your store to his or her family members and friends since he or she is satisfied with the product or service that you offer.

2. To Create an Inviting Atmosphere

A clean and organized place makes anyone want to be there. A clean office or workplace builds a pleasant and welcoming environment for both customers and employees. Certainly, no one wants to spend forty hours a week in a dirty, unorganized or smelly work space. The productivity of your business depends on how your employees work every day. Because of that, you should care for your employees by making sure that their workplace is clean so they will not be prone to any sickness.

3. To Promote a Healthy Working Environment

The most important reason why it is ideal for a company, no matter how big or small, to hire a professional commercial cleaning service is to keep the working environment healthy and safe. Unfortunately, dust, dirt, and bacteria do not eliminate on their own. As a matter of fact, the office is often a breeding ground for infections, coughs and colds – a shared germ is not a good thing to keep. Those employees that have trouble breathing or have allergies will suffer more from allergens if their working environment is not clean.  This can lead to less productive team and more sick days. Only a professional and thorough cleaning can solve this problem as expert commercial cleaners can help in reducing or completely eliminate bacteria, dust as well as other allergens that build in your working environment, creating a healthier, cleaner and more productive workplace. When your employees are productive, it means that your company will also reap its benefits.


The fastest and easiest way to fight contamination as well as reduce the incidence of your employees catching illness from your workplace is to hire a professional janitorial cleaning service. Effective cleaning can also reduce the amount of bacteria that your employees come in contact with in their daily lives. Items such as phones, keyboards, as well as other shared equipment in the office are the most leading source when it comes to cross contamination, which is why hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service is important. Skilled cleaning is required when it comes to commercial cleaning since most janitorial cleaners are experienced, highly trained, know the details of the process, and they also have high quality control techniques to get the job done right the first time.



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